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Garageband (Free)

While there are certainly plenty of musicians who use GarageBand as a tool, many users enjoy the software as a fun way to play around with music. If you’re more interested in that sort of experience rather than full-on music production, Music Maker Jam will have you creating tunes in a variety of genres in no time.

Unlike the other software covered here, Music Maker Jam is an app that you can download from the Windows App Store, as well as from the respective stores for Android and iOS. As you might imagine, that means that it caters to a casual user rather than the professional, and it does provide something of a streamlined experience. You can select loops by genre — everything from dubstep to electric jazz — and then transfer them into an environment when you can use them to construct a song, tweaking BPM and volume levels or applying FX as you see fit.

However, it does have some serious limitations. There’s a solid variety of loops on offer, but without the ability to create your own from scratch it does seem a little bit light compared to its competitors. To expand your library, you’ll need to buy loops via in app purchases, and the amount that you get for your money is minimal compared to other similar services. Music Maker Jam will keep you entertained for an afternoon — but unlike the other software on this list, there’s not much potential for you to develop your skills much beyond your first use.

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